The 15-day Singa-tour

I have a friend who — every time a good friend leaves Singapore (which can be often, given how transient the city is) — creates a part-scavenger hunt, part-docu series for the departing party. The entire activity lasts either 15 or 30 days, depending on the person’s availability, and requires the departing friend to complete a daily (or every other day) challenge, snapping a photo, and posting it somewhere. Each challenge requires the leaving person to do something: travel somewhere, find something, bring someone something, etc. All of this with the intention of touring Singapore, enjoying its sights, sounds and people, one last time.

This friend, Saiveer, is one of my closest in Singapore, after having worked together for several months at Superunion (which included many international work trips and glasses of wine!). We were fast friends. I have always admired his spontaneity, creativity and sense of adventure, so this month-long game came as no surprise! Of course, Zé joined me for the ride. I met up with Saiveer, received the pack of (very professionally done!) cards he prepared, and we were on our way.

Over the course of 30 days, we completed 15 total challenges, with 48 hours to complete each challenge. We’ve now completed all the tasks and are looking at our final few days in Singapore. Of course, the challenge would not be complete without documentation of the series (or so the instructions said), so here we go. I hope you enjoy the photos as much as we enjoyed taking them. Big shoutout to Saiveer for putting this special challenge together for us, too!

Our first challenge
Zé and I outside FRY Rooftop Bistro & Bar, where we had our first date!
In front of my first apartment building in Singapore
Outside Capital Square Three, the location of my first office in Singapore. Interbrand has since gone out of business in Asia, so the name is no longer there, but I was on floor three.
Our second challenge – walking the 2.5km trail through the neighborhood’s beautiful architectural buildings, 10 heritage markets, and more.
Time for our third challenge. We gifted a box of Marks & Spencer chocolates to the Singaporean staff in our apartment building, who have been so wonderful to us in the last 2.5 years.
Admittedly, we forgot to take a photo of ourselves doing this challenge. That said, we enjoyed a nice meal in The Greenwood, a nice little area that’s just a stone’s throw from the popular Holland Village.
Off to Sentosa Island we go!
A quick lunch…
Followed by a coffee on the docks!
Of course there would be a food challenge included in a Singapore tour 🙂
Xiao long bao from Zhong Guo La Mian hawker stall
Bee hoon mee from Ah Heng Curry Chicken
With my teammate Khai after lunch at Tambuah Mas, Singapore’s oldest Indonesian restaurant serving home-style dishes from Padang, Sulawesi and Java (that counts as local, right?)
Up, up and away
Atop the Southbridge rooftop bar in Boat Quay, one of Singapore’s nightlife districts
I purchased a set of nice chopsticks, and a little surprise for Mom 🙂
We chose to head to the top of Marina Bay Sands for a cocktail for this one
This refers to Singapore’s Botanic Gardens which, in 2015, became a UNESCO World Heritage Site
Admittedly, Zé is the only one that made it to the Singapore Botanic Gardens for this challenge, but unfortunately didn’t manage to get a photo, so I’m posting instead a photo I took a few months ago of the gardens, and my favorite place to sit and let time pass in Singapore.
I went for a run around the marina for this one, and captured a video of the sunset that evening:
We loved this final challenge! Off to the Fullerton Hotel we went…
The post office at the Fullerton was closed (damn!), so I will send our letters from the US over to Portugal. Good enough, eh?

We are heading to the airport in just a few hours, so I can officially say: Sam in Singapore, that’s a wrap!

See you on the other side,